Sputnique Creative delivers solutions for brands in their eyewear business and other clients in design and product strategic development. We look beyond point solutions and apply design to the creation of new strategies, future trends and entirely new businesses. We are leading clients into the future by continuing to integrate new products, advanced technologies and manufacturing possibilities into their portfolios and collections.

Analysis of possibilities

Sputnique Creative uses a wide range of strategic tools and methods to help clients take advantage of untapped opportunities, including research, ideation, market strategy, production organization, tooling and shipping. We basically start with the basic question how should we bring your customer and brand together and what should be their experience?

Working on solutions

You got your ideas, we are having the capabilities to transform them into products. We work focused on your requests and briefings, blend them with your knowledge to finally serve a delicious solution that tastes exiting.

Realize it

We can do it. Our network in Switzerland and in Asia is based on selected factories with a high quality responsibility. Our QC Agents will inspect the goods before releasing them.

We develop products and services that deliver unique experiences for consumers and customers.

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